MPPSC is one of the most complicated civil service examinations. More than 3 lakh students appear yearly, and there are just 360 vacancies. So even a single mark here counts and decides the career of thousands of candidates. In such situations, MPPSC aspirants face many mental issues like stress and anxiety before the examination.

No doubt there is MPPSC coaching in Indore that can help start the preparation and get the confidence. But still, there can be particular challenges that one can face during the trial. Given how challenging the preparation process can be, you must study for more than 15 hours a day. Therefore, you must emphasize yourself and work toward your mental health. After all, this is the key to staying stress-free during the exam day and having your focus on clearing the examination.

Why is There so Much Pressure?

In an attempt to clear the MPPSC examination, the students chose to leave their homes, family, gatherings, and everything. In fact, some of them live in new places with little comfort so they can get the best MPPSC coaching in Indore. Living on street food or mess food for those months during the preparation can be pretty complicated. In fact, despite putting in all the effort, many students still need to be more confident about the examination.

In most cases, the students have been preparing for examinations for years now, and that feels pressurized by the relatives and families. So facing stress or anxiety is quite common, which can negatively affect life. It is essential for the MPPSC aspirant that they keep themselves calm and focused on their study. Just like it is necessary to prepare for the examination, you also need to focus on mental health.

Tips for better mental health

If you are an MPPSC aspirant and planning to sit for the examination, the list here will specify specific tips that will be helpful for you to stay away from stress or anxiety issues.

1. Meditate for 15 minutes

Meditation will be helpful for the body during such stressful times. Dedicating 15 minutes of the day to medication will help you avoid stress. Besides, it will also help you deal with the negative thoughts that can result in poor mental health.

2. Take Proper Sleep

Irrespective of your daily routine of preparation, it is essential that you avoid ignoring the sleep cycle. After all, lack of sleep can hamper physical and mental health. It will also affect the nerves reducing the concentration power. You cannot let this thing deter your preparation. So, you must get at least 6 hours of sleep regularly.

3. Connect with friends and family

Living alone for MPPSC coaching in Indore can make the person homesick. So it would help if you stay connected with your friends or family. Talking to them from time to time will help you gain confidence. Make sure you connect with those family members who support you in your dreams. The elders will also inspire you with ideas about the examination and motivate you for better outcomes.

When you share your mind with your friends or family, it will be easy to keep yourself calm.

4. Eat healthily

While it’s clear that there are a lot of things like the MPPSC mock test, exam preparations, tuitions, etc., you have to do to prepare for the examination, it is also essential to have a well-maintained diet is necessary. Therefore, you need to find yourself a good food service that is more hygienic and can provide you with a balanced diet. Besides this, additions of milk and fruits to your diet will be helpful. When your body is well-maintained and healthy, you will be able to focus on your studies instead of worrying about your health.

5. Hangout Once in a While

Preparing for the MPPSC examinations can be pretty stressful. Even on Sunday, some students study hard, but it is essential to refresh their minds. It would help if you had to hangout once in a while

Connecting with nature and visiting new places will be pretty helpful for you to calm your mind. It will also help avoid any serious concerns.

6. Develop a Hobby

MPPSC exam preparation can be pretty complicated. During such a time, people generally forget their personality. They start focusing on the essentials of the examination. But it would help if you also had a personal life. So keeping a hobby or developing a new one will be helpful for you.

The hobbies will not only help reduce anxiety but also help you take a break from the preparation to get involved in things you love. Besides, you can enjoy hobbies that take little time, like listening to music, writing journals, etc. This will help you keep yourself calm.

7. Trust Yourself

People during the preparation start doubting their capabilities. This can hamper the chances of getting success in life. Thus, for success in the competitive examination, you need to trust yourself and believe that you are doing your best. You need to guarantee your best efforts. This can be this through MPPSC mock test. Solving the papers before the examination will give you the confidence boost you require. Make sure that external factors do not get to you or let you doubt your hard work or efforts.


The MPPSC exam preparation takes work. The candidates must stay focused and confident in themselves to clear it. If you are hoping to start with the MPPSC coaching in Indore, consider trusting Prayas KSG. We have got the best teachers. We can offer you a top-class study guide and materials which will be helpful for exam preparation. We are here to help you understand your strength and weaknesses and work on them. We will guarantee you get the most from professional coaching.