The MPPSC examination has got three main steps. When the candidates of clear the examination, they will give personal interview. It is the last step for clearing the MPPSC and getting the certification for the same. Getting professional support for the preparation will make a major difference and guarantee you have a better chance of clearing things. If you are prepared and dedicated to getting positive results, then the list here will provide the tips that will be helpful for you to achieve the best.

Preparing for the MPPSC Interview

If you are looking for tips to prepare for the personal interview, then here is some guidance that will be helpful for you.

1. Revise the Syllabus

The most basic thing to do when preparing for the MPPSC examination is to revise the syllabus. This will help you recall everything you have learned during the examination so that if you receive any questions similar to that, you will be ready to answer them confidently.

2. Read Newspaper Regularly

During the interview session, there can be questions associated with the ongoing topics in the country. You not only have to remember the current trending topics of Madhya Pradesh but also India and the other international news involving India. Staying up to date with all the essentials as will allow you to prepare well for the final day.

3. Remember your CV

The aspirants are so worried about checking the news and preparing other aspects that they actually forget to remember checking the documents before the interview session. It is important that you see your CV is up to date and that your experience or skills are well mentioned on your CV. Also, it would be helpful if you study about everything mentioned on your CV. Be it the details about your profession, education, or hobbies; you must be able to answer it all when asked about the same.

4. Know About your Own Background

The examiners generally choose to ask the aspirants questions about their backgrounds. They can enquire about something that is related to your residential area or community. This can be associated with history, geography, or politics. So make sure you are aware of those things so that when the question comes, you are confident about the same.

5. Prepare your Attire

It is not just your mental preparation but also your physical appearance that can greatly impact the examiner. So, you must prepare your outfit in advance. After all, you will be judged based on your dressing style and attire. The way you present yourself will clearly reflect your personality. So you need to take your time out of the preparation and choose formal attire that showcases yourself as a strong person. You will have to look the best during the interview. Make sure you keep your attire simple with basic colors and avoid wearing anything loud or fancy.

6. Practice Body Language and Tone

It is important for civil servants to keep an eye on their body language and tone of communication. Generally, when people sit for an interview are unprepared. They become quite conscious and end up losing their body language and have a very informal tone of speaking, which can present the person in a negative way. So it is important that you frequently practice holding your tone and answering the interview questions. After all, you must appear calm during the interview. It will be helpful if you get better control over your body language so that you do not speak too loud or low during the interview.

7. Practice in Front of the Mirror

To ensure that you are interview preparation is vital, you can consider standing in front of the mirror to practice things. Doing so will help see how you react to things and questions. Also, you will be able to observe your body language or any subconscious actions that you might be doing while talking. This will help correct the issues and ensure good preparation. Regular practicing will help you present yourself in a composed and calm manner.

8. Practice the Commonly Asked Question

To ensure you are well prepared for the final day, you can consider practicing the commonly asked questions during the interview session. Some of the questions can include about you, about the native place, about the university, and school, why choosing administrative service was your preference, reasons for choosing a special subject, and about the current topics in the country.

It is not possible for the aspirant to know about everything, but you can check the online platform to know about the common questions that can be asked so you can prepare yourself positively.

9. Attend the Mock Interview

When you start with MPPSC coaching, they will teach you about the things that will help with the examination and the interview better. Most of the students believe that mock interviews can actually be helpful for the students to get a second perspective on the preparation. Many students have seen quite a positive response and improvement in confidence due to the mock interviews. After all, it provides an interview-like environment where you will be able to answer those questions that are commonly asked and see how well you can respond to them.


The interview phase of the MPPSC examination can be quite tough. Thus, it is important that the aspirant stays dedicated and prepare for the final aspect of clearing the exam. Given how important it is, one must be prepared for it all the way. Considering to take professional support for the preparation surely will be quite beneficial. You can consider starting with professional training with Prayas KSG. They are the best institute one can rely on for MPPSC preparation. Be it the preliminary exam or the mains, the professional will provide help to get the required study material and guide that will help you see a positive result. Besides, they will also help you with the interview part to help you clarify it better.