The job of a government official comes with a lot of advantages. This brings not only respect but also a good salary and other benefits. Thus, people choose to apply for the MPPSC examination. Despite all the difficulties one has to face to clear the examination, the aspirants are dedicated to going ahead. The best part is that many job roles make it easy for students to get a job in the desired sector. However, clearing the examination is not easy. This is why considering MPPSC coaching in Bhopal is essential.

You must know MPPSC, indeed, is a gazetted officer. But there are various categories and subcategories involved. The guide here will provide clear insights and help you understand the importance of taking coaching classes to clear the examination.

Understanding the Job Roles

The list here provides insights into the job categories in that one can get a position. The job is for those who have successfully cleared the MPPSC examination.

1. Deputy Collector

The job profile of the deputy collector is gazetted. They have the powers for various acts like criminal produce code, land revenue code, and other codes that the state or the parliament literature has made.

No doubt, the profile of the deputy collector is quite versatile. They have responsibilities like disaster management for earthquakes, float, etc., revenue administration, and more. However, to get the job of a deputy collector, you will have to clear the MPPSC with a good score. For this, considering MPPSC coaching in Indore will be beneficial for you to prepare yourself well for the final day.

2. State Police Service

As gazetted officers, they get their power from the police act. The list here specifies bout the special forces or job role.

•          Prevent crime

•          Provide security for cash transportation

•          Registration support for the first information report

•          Crime detection

•          Law and order maintenance

•          Permitting rallies, loudspeakers, religious and political events, etc.

•          Taking action against the recovery of stolen things

•          Enforcement of local laws

3. State Account Service

The officer works for the department of finance for the MP government. The list here specifies the responsibilities or power.

•          The officers need to monitor all the expenditures and receives of the state.

•          They need to look after all the allocation and budget monitoring.

•          They must see the fund availability for various schemes and then monitor the government status for investment in loans, equity, etc

•          Ensuring proper financial management and audit monitoring that comes under the jurisdiction of the financial department.

4. Sales Tax Officer

The officers have a job role in the state’s commercial tax department. They are responsible for all the matters associated with the retail tax.

5. The district excise officer

The officers need to work for the state excise department. They collect service tax and revenues from manufacturing, liquor sale, or other such substances. They also have how to check improper practices by licensed vendors for controlling smuggling. In the end, the work profile of the officer will depend entirely on the location they have been posted.

6. Assistant registrar cooperative societies

The officers are responsible for maintaining efficiency, transparency, and action speediness for settling any dispute. They also can reorganize, amalgamate, and divide cooperative societies. Further, they can suspend or cancel the society’s registration. It would help if you successfully cleared your MPPSC examination to get the job role. But given the difficulty considered, MPPSC coaching in Bhopal will turn out to be quite beneficial for you. This will help you gain confidence that you are prepared well for the final day.

7. District Organizer Tribal Welfare

They are the class II officers who work for social welfare. They are responsible for executing the schemes that come from the tribal welfare department of MP. Herein the duty or power is to be used for the welfare of the tribal in the respective zones.

8. Labour office

The profile of the labor officer is not easy. However, here are the essential responsibilities they have to look after.

•          Ensure proper enforcement of 33 labor laws or the provisions associated with social justice, economic interdependency, social security, and working conditions.

•          Offering protection against any exploitation or harassment of working women, children, or men

•          The department ensures quick disposal of interstellar disputes. They are there to help maintain a harmonious relationship between the employees and the employers

•          The officer is responsible for periodically fixing the minimum wage and ensuring timely payment of the workman.

9. Employment officer

The officer is responsible for assisting in employment matters for implementing and monitoring employment activities, market information, vocational guidance, self-employment, physical handicapped, and others.

10. The Block Development Officer

As the development Office, the person will be the one who will manage the development workers in the block. They are responsible for educating the members of the Panchayat Samiti to make the right decisions and respecting the programs that must be considered for the league or any other enrolment for implementing the programs.

11. Assistant superintendent land records

The officers are responsible for maintaining all the information about the property sales deeds at the district and village levels.

12. Naib Tahsildar

The job role is quite crucial as they are the principal officer in revenue administration and exercising power. In addition, they are responsible for collecting land revenues and ensuring the government pays the dues on time.


Being a gazetted officer, one must get all the ideas about the job profile in advance. However, before you can dream about getting a job, you must clear your MPPSC examination with good marks. Given how tough it can be, you can consider support from a good MPPSC coaching in Indore. This will be beneficial for you. It will guarantee your ability to score well and get the best outcome. So getting a good job will be easy for you. Consider connecting with Prayas KSG for support. They have experienced teachers who will make learning easy for you and guarantee you clear the examination with flying colors.