The MPPSC exam is quite a popular option that student opts for to get a job in the government sector. But it is quite challenging given the complications of the examination and the syllabus one has to cover. In most cases, anxiety and fear prevent the students from preparing to the best possible level. If you wish to crack the prestigious MPPSC exam, you must start with professional coaching as soon as possible. The experts will be there to support. Besides this, you must be aware of the common myths that might impact your head and won’t allow you to prepare to the optimum level.

Joining the civil service is a dream career for many talented and ambitious individuals who wish to become government officers, DSP or DC. The prestigious jobs mark power and authority in India, along with a good salary package, security, and other benefits.

However, to secure a job in this post, it is essential to go through a three-tier MPPSC civil service exam which is the toughest to clear. No doubt, preparation is quite essential for clearing the examination, but it is also essential that the candidate is able to handle the exam pressure and meet the examination in the right way. So the list here will provide you with an idea about the common myths you might be hearing up when preparing for the examination. Remember to stay away from them as they can significantly hamper your preparation.

Myth 1: The Aspirant Requires 1 Year to Prepare

No doubt, the MPPSC exam can be the toughest one to clear, given the demanding syllabus and the dedication one needs to put in, but this does not mean one needs to start with the preparation from an early stage. Even a year or more of preparation cannot be enough for clearing the examination if the aspirant is not preparing in the right way.

It is essential to come up with the right study plan and follow it properly on a regular basis to guarantee you can prepare yourself well for the final day. There are numerous success stories of those aspirants who have successfully cracked examinations in one attempt with a year of preparation or even less. However, it requires constant motivation and dedication to prepare well for the examination.

Myth 2: The Aspirant Must be Aware of all the Subjects and Topics

No doubt, the MPPSC exam syllabus is quite comprehensive, but it is just a general exam. One has to be well-read along with have a balanced outlook on the issues that are going on in the country. Besides, as the syllabus is quite vast and covers multiple subjects already, it will give you an idea about significant topics. So you need not have to mug up the entire topic and become an expert in it. Instead of focusing on current affairs, NCERT books and books from renowned authors will be helpful for you.

The MPPSC exam is all about the analytical skills and general awareness of the aspirant so make sure you are up to date with it.

Myth 3: It Takes 2 to 3 Attempts to Clear the Exam

It is a major misconception because most of the aspirants successfully clear the examination in their first attempt. All one need is to keep the head straight and focus on the preparation strategy. Make sure you revise well. Once you have completed the entire available syllabus, continue taking multiple mock tests to evaluate your pitfalls and work with a professional to improve your weaknesses. Once you have regressively revised everything and are confident to give the exam, nothing can stop you from clearing it in your first attempt.

Myth 4: The Aspirant Must Follow the Topper’s Strategy

You must understand that there is no quick way to clear the examination. Even if you follow the strategies that the toppers follow, you won’t be able to prepare well. This is because everyone’s study behavior and pattern are different. Even if you get the strategies or study patterns of the toppers, you will not be able to get positive results despite all the hard work. Thus, it is crucial that the aspirants understand their own rhythm and develop a study routine that helps them make an informed choice and prepare well for the examination.

Whether you prefer online or offline classes, make sure you start with the preparation under expert guidance so that you work better on your strengths or weaknesses. Not to mention the expert will be there to provide you with the required study material and help you have an easy time getting the proper support. In fact, they will help you come up with a customized study plan which will work well for your specific goals and pattern.

Myth 5: It is Essential to have a Good Command of English for Cracking an Interview

Once you have successfully cleared the MPPSC written examination, it will be time for you to sit for the interview. There is a significant misconception, particularly among the regional language-speaking candidates, that they need to be fluent in English. The MPPSC exam is all about assessing the analytical skills and awareness of the candidate but not judging the candidate based on the language medium they speak in.

The MPPSC aspirants are allowed to write the paper and give the interview in the regional language of their choice as per their comfort level. So you can choose to put your foot forward and be confident. Remember, in the end, it is just an examination, and you have to show yourself as a confident candidate for the job.


Undoubtedly, the examination can be quite tough to clear, but it is just another competitive examination with a lengthy syllabus. So rather than losing your confidence based on some myths, it is essential that you stay focused and disciplined and believe in your hard work to have a smooth journey during the preparation. While for professional support, you can consider Prayas KSG. They have got certified teachers to help you. They will provide you with the right support you need for preparation. With customized study plans and materials, you will have an easy time with the preparation.