MPPSC examination is one of the country’s most prestigious and toughest ones. As people know, it comes with a great job profile. Thus they choose to apply for the exam and see their luck. The best thing about the examination is the students can choose between the language, which is Hindi and English. This makes it easy even for those students who have yet to gain good experience in English to sit for the examination and have a chance of getting higher scores on an excellent post.

When deciding between English and Hindi, things can be challenging. If you need clarification on making the decision, then the guide here will help you see the positives.

Choosing the Right Language

Most people living in MP use Hindi as their mode of communication. Thus, out of the total proportion of the students appearing for the examination, most chose the Hindi language. However, in the last few years, there has been a shift. As a result, the number of candidates choosing the English language has increased. Numerous factors affect the decision of MPPSC students.

Some common factors that can convince the student to choose a specific language include the following.

•             The coaching centers in the smaller towns are mainly dedicated to Hindi training. No doubt finding an institute that offers English training will be quite low in the area. This is why generally, the students prefer the Hindi language.

•             There are not many resources for quality study material available for the MPPSC exam preparation in the English language. Therefore, even English medium students depend on the Hindi study material to translate it for their requirements. Thankfully with the new resources and the books, things are changing, and you can use English as a mode of learning.

•             If you see the MPPSC exam pattern, you will notice a compulsory section in the Mains that must be written in Hindi. This includes an essay. The essay must be written in Hindi regardless of the opted language medium. This is a significant advantage, especially for those students who have opted for the Hindi language for the exam. But it comes with a great problem for the English elective students.

The language decision depends entirely on the candidate’s writing and speaking abilities. Irrespective of the decision one makes, one needs to stay confident in the language preference and start preparing as soon as possible. It is the only key to ensuring you have a better chance of clearing the examination. Make sure you have better control over the language you prefer to see positive outcomes.

The positive of Hindi and English language

When sitting for the MPPSC examination, you can choose between English and Hindi. This is because MP, a Hindi state, has a regional population speaking Hindi for communication. You will notice that 50% of the candidates choose to appear in Hindi. However, the trend has been decreasing in recent times.

You must know there are advantages and drawbacks to both Hindi and English language. Therefore, consider the positives to see which would suit your specific case.


•             Generally, the MPPSC coaching in Bhopal, Indore Gwalior, etc., helps the students prepare for the examination in Hindi

•             You can find a majority of the MPPSC study material in the Hindi language

•             There is a compulsory Hindi language paper in MPPSC Mains. Therefore, you will have to write an essay only in Hindi. The paper marks are added to the final result.

•             When you are professional in Hindi, then you will get extra 3 points in the Mains

There is no drawback to choosing the Hindi language for examination except the fact that nowadays, both UPSC and MPPSC maximum selected candidates are from the English medium. Therefore, you must stay confident in the language, and it will be easy to clear the examination and the interview.


•             Those students from the English medium can choose the language to ensure an easy experience in preparing for the examination.

•             Finding good MPPSC coaching that can teach you the English language can be a bit tough. So you must research well. You will see there are online courses available which will make it easy to continue with the course

•             Thanks to all the upgrades, you can now find books and study material in the English language. They are all translated from Hindi books but make it easy to prepare for the examination.

•             As an English medium student, you might experience some difficulty in the Hindi language paper. So, you must prepare well for Hindi essays and maintain strong language and punctuation. It will benefit you to get good marks which will be added to the final result.

Being an English student, there can be some complications that you might experience. But this much not discourage you. There is still a possibility of having better control over the Hindi language for the compulsory paper.

While for the final decision, you compare your specific requirements and goals from the preparation. This will help make the decision easy. Your particular consideration will help you decide on the best language and continue the preparation comfortably. When you are confident with the language, it will show up on the paper, and you will have a positive result.


The decision between Hindi and English language can take a lot of work. So it would be better to do proper research to make the decisions. While if you are looking for good MPPSC coaching, consider connecting with Prayas KSG. They have got a good reputation in the industry. They understand the requirements and can provide you with the best learning possible. Their team of certified teachers will help you understand all the aspects and make the learning experience easy. Moreover, they will provide all the help for study material and guide to complete the preparation well and have a better chance of getting positive results.