The MPPSC exam is among the most popular competitive examination in Madhya Pradesh. Lakhs of students register for the examination to recruit for administrative posts in MP. Each aspirant knows there is no possibility to exclusively prepare for the prelims and the mains. Preparation for both must be done together to see better results. It will be a lot more comfortable as the syllabus is quite similar.

The best you can do is look for MPPSC coaching in Madhya Pradesh to find a professional who can help you prepare and guarantee you clear the examination.

Effective MPPSC study plan

If you plan to start with the preparation 12 months before the examination, it is known to be the best time as it will allow you to work hard and smartly. Moreover, you will have an excellent strategy to help you prepare for the best and get good results.

The study material for the exam

If you are preparing for the MPPSC exam, then know that it is not as easy as the other competitive exams due to the vast syllabus, which you must study and research before the deadlines. Therefore, before starting the preparation, you must get all the essential study material required. It would help if you went through the syllabus to get the books and other essentials to stay ahead in the race.

Previous year’s question paper

You must have a clear idea about the type of question or the examination pattern that can be asked to prepare well. You need to refer to the exam papers of the previous years during the preparation. There will be multiple types of combined question papers, both unsolved and solved options which will be available either online or in the form of books.

Newspapers and magazines

For the GK and the current affairs section, you will have to start with the habit of reading magazines and newspapers regularly. It will help improve your knowledge and keep you ahead. The experts also suggest going through international magazines and newspapers for better information.

Study schedule

It will have no meaning if you keep executing a plan without a goal. So if you wish to start with the preparation, you can’t do it blindly. Make sure you have got a proper study plan before you begin the preparation for the MPPSC exam. The curriculum and the syllabus of MPPSC herein can be pretty challenging. It will require a long-term commitment. Mentioned here are specific changes you can make in your daily routine that will be helpful.

• Take out time to read magazines and newspapers regularly

• Go through monthly current affairs magazine

• Exercise or meditate at least 15 to 30 minutes regularly

• Eat your meals on time

• You need to get 8 hours of sleep regularly

• Revise the previous day’s notes

Most of the aspirants have found that choosing to study with a proper schedule helps them stay organized and prepare better. For example, starting a subject-wise plan would mean you can cover all topics in one subject before moving on to another. If you are new, then following the pattern here will work well.

1. Art and culture

2. Ancient history

3. Modern history

4. Medieval history

5. World geography

6. Indian geography

7. General science

8. Economics

9. Indian polity and public administration

10. Science and technology

11. Environmental studies

12. Disaster management

13. Ethics

14. Others

You can choose to divide the subject and then provide yourself a specific period to finish each of them. For instance, you can challenge yourself to complete two subjects each month, starting for the first time. You can do this as per your limit and preference.

Extra tips

Besides the guide mentioned above, specific tips will be helpful for you to make the MPPSC examination preparation easy and robust.

  1. While preparing for the examination, ensure you take notes on each topic. You can opt for visual representation through tables, graphs, holograms, etc., as it will be easier to revise.
  2. As the MPPSC exam syllabus can be pretty broad, make sure you stick to it all the time and avoid wasting even a single minute choosing a topic that is not part of the syllabus
  3. When preparing for the examination, you must stick to the schedule to finish the syllabus on time and revise as much as possible. You can choose to set goals and deadlines for yourself for the completion of each of the subjects and reward yourself every time you achieve a goal. It will help you stay motivated.
  4. The vast syllabus will require revision as much information can confuse your mind. It would help if you kept on revising so that you remember all of the essential facts and figures
  5. Taking mock tests will make the preparation strong. This is because it will help identify the strength and the weak points so that you can practice for the exam pattern
  6. Make sure you look for MPPSC coaching in Madhya Pradesh and find the best one to get professional assistance. Whether you take offline or online classes, professional support will come with many benefits and guarantee you are fully prepared to give the examination and get positive results.
  7. Lastly, you must have a disciplined approach to unfold success. Being responsible and following the daily schedule will help you prepare for the MPPSC exam.


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