The MPPSC exam is a popular civil service exam given by a lack of students every year. But the passing rate can be pretty challenging due to the vast syllabus and the associated aspects. Only a dedicated student who knows about the field and is dedicated to preparing for it can get positive results. The best one can do is look for MPPSC coaching MP Chhattisgarh to find a professional who can help you prepare for the examination.

To get positive results, the aspirant must stick to the syllabus and cover everything within the given timeline. The guide will specify the syllabus so that you have an easy time carrying on with the preparation. The details have been mentioned per the three MPPSC examination stages.

MPPSC Prelims syllabus

Just like the other UPSC exams, there will be a complicated pattern. The marks you obtain during the primary stage will be considered in the final merit list. The syllabus has been a vital part of the UPSC examination. The prelim exams are conducted for general studies marks and 200 general aptitude marks. While the syllabus goes as 

The main topics for the paper I

• General studies and Environment

• Current Events of National and International Importance

• History of India and Independent India

• Indian and World Geography

• Indian Polity and Economy

• Sports

• Geography, History, and Culture of MP

• Polity and Economy of MP

• Information and Communication Technology

Main topics for paper II

• Comprehension

• Interpersonal Skill

• Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability

• Decision Making and Problem Solving

• Basic Numeracy

• Hindi Language Comprehension Skills (Class X Level)

The candidates need not get stressed out looking at the syllabus as the questions appearing in the examination are much more generalized. The focus must be on reading and opting for multiple revisions to cover broad topics of the subjects. The candidates can consider taking the help.

 One can look for MPPSC coaching in MP Chhattisgarh and find a professional to get the support or even go online for better assistance. The exam strategies and the book list for the candidate will provide accurate, detailed information. They can also compare the syllabus with the IAS prelims syllabus to get the similarities. Those candidates preparing for both papers can benefit greatly.

MPPSC Mains syllabus

Once the candidate has successfully cleared the prelims of the MPPSC exam, they will have to take the mains. Here the exam has papers, the timeline for three hours. However, the duration of the Hindi essay will be two hours.

Main Topics

  • General Studies-I (History, Water Management, Geography, Disaster Management)
  • General Studies-II (Constitution, Social Legislation, 
  • Security Issues, Social Sector, etc.)
  • General Studies-III (Reasoning and Data Interpretation, Science and Technology, Technology, etc.)
  • General Studies-IV (Human needs and Motivation, Philosophers, Attitude, etc.)
  • General Hindi (10th level)
  • Hindi Essay


  • It includes the topics like Indian history, world history, medieval Indian history, Indian freedom struggle, and modern Indian history, with a particular focus on the British invasion and post-independence struggle
  • The geography part will focus on the Indian soil, geography, and food processing industries
  • The culture part will include the topics that focus on the Indian culture and heritage with a particular reference to MP
  • Disaster management is quite a vital topic. Make sure you focus on the areas like community planning, artificial disasters, and case studies
  • The syllabus for IAS mains is similar to MPPSC to some extent. You can look for MPPSC coaching in MP Chhattisgarh and take professional help to improve your chances of clearing it quickly.


  • Herein, the social legislation will focus on the current bills which are passed by the central and the state cabinet
  • Constitution part will focus on the topic including Directive Principles of State Policies, fundamental rights judiciary center and state legislature, and Panchayati Raj
  • The social sector segment will have topics like technology or interventions in family health, health services, etc.
  • Going through the topics like international organizations and HRD will be sufficient.


  • Unlike the other civil service examination, MPPSC does not have the topics like data interpretation and reasoning in the main exam. The candidate must focus on practicing basic numeracy, profit, and loss, mensuration
  • The aspirant needs to have a proper understanding of the general science and technology issue
  • It is vital to gain an understanding of topics like the environment, energy, sustainable development, and the Indian economy


The final mains exam will include topics and case studies on integrity, ethics, etc. 

MPPSC interview

The last stage of the MPPSC examination is the interview, where the aspirant goes through a personality test during which he has to answer 175 questions. The interview questions must be analyzed well. The aspirant needs to study properly to ensure a better chance of getting good results. The interview can be the toughest of all.

This is why you must look for MPPSC coaching in MP Chhattisgarh and find a professional who can guide you in the right direction. It will allow able to prepare in the best possible manner and avoid wastage of time available time and resources. Using the resources to the very best will help achieve success. It is your confidence and dedication that will be helpful for you.


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