MPPSC, or Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, is one of the hardest exams to crack. It is divided into two stages: Prelims and Mains. Candidates aspiring for Government Jobs need to break this exam in Madhya Pradesh. If you plan to appear for MPPSC this year, check out the tips for MPPSC preparation below!

Practical Tips to Prepare for MPPSC with Efficient Time Division and Management Techniques

  1. Go through the MPPSC Syllabus

The first and foremost thing you need for adequate MPPSC preparation is to know the syllabus well. Understand the syllabus properly and look at the main sections of the MPPSC curriculum. Stay clear between the topics of Prelims and Mains. You should go through the syllabus carefully to know which topics are included in Prelims and which are included in Mains.

  • Prepare an Effective Study Plan

A study plan is one of the most effective ways to make your MPPSC preparations easier. Set a study schedule but be flexible while planning one. Keep space for your daily chores, and then schedule your study time. Start your preparation early, and don’t tangle yourself in strict deadlines. Follow the schedule as planned and prepare yourself for MPPSC seamlessly.

  • Divide the Syllabus as per Subjects

Split the syllabus according to the subjects to make your preparation procedure easier. Among many practical tips for MPPSC, this is one of the most proven. While preparing your study schedule, you should mention the subject name on each duration. It will help you maintain proper study time for each subject and let you finish the syllabus earlier. Moreover, you can mention the name of the topics in each time slot to precise your schedule.

  • Keep Practicing Previous Questions

Practicing the question papers from the last 3 to 5 years will help you analyze the type. Moreover, it will help you understand the difficulty level of the assessment and prepare yourself accordingly. You can study the subjects and topics systematically once you know the question pattern.

  • Set a Time for Studying

Considering the vastness of its syllabus, you must set a proper time division for MPPSC exams. It is only possible to cover the syllabus in a short period. Thus, you must manage your time efficiently to ensure you have enough time to complete the entire syllabus. Create a proper schedule and provide all the subjects and topics are getting covered within the set time. It will help you finish the syllabus effectively and timely.

  • Set Goals for Short Term

Setting a short-term goal for your study plan will help you complete the syllabus faster and more efficiently. However, if you select a longer preparation time, you may need to catch up in preparing it on time. This is because you will assume having enough time to complete the syllabus and delay. However, setting a daily or weekly goal to finish a specific topic will help in completing the syllabus efficiently.

  • Take Short Breaks

One of the best tips for MPPSC includes taking short breaks in between. With such a vast syllabus, you need long study hours to prepare for MPPSC. However, studying for a long time can be tedious and hamper your productivity. As a result, you need to prepare for the syllabus properly. Thus, it would be best if you took short breaks to keep yourself active and enhance your concentration.

Short breaks refresh your mind, and you can concentrate on the topics better. Constant study without breaks may seem forceful and affect your grasping ability. However, it would be best to keep the break duration shorter because long breaks can distract you.

  • Switch Topics

Some topics or subjects may be vast beyond expectations. So you may need help to complete it. Staying engaged with such issues will save you time and fuel you mentally. Thus, you can change the topic and start learning some other subject or topic for a change. Choosing an easy or exciting topic will help you understand the issue quickly and keep your mind active. You can finish the easier ones first and get enough time to complete the lengthier ones.

  • Don’t Change Your Study Plan

As you set a time division for MPPSC preparation, strictly stick with the study plan. However, it would be best to be careful while selecting the schedule and plan as per your capability. Other people can provide you with suggestions, but you should proceed according to your capacity. As a candidate, you know best how long it can take to finish a topic or subject. So, you need to proceed accordingly.

  1. Keep Updates on Current Affairs

As an MPPSC aspirant, you should stay updated with the state’s current affairs. You need to keep notes on those topics and keep regular updates. Reading daily newspapers and books on current affairs can help. Moreover, you should have a strong knowledge of General Awareness. 

  1. Always Focus on Your Goals

Planning correctly and on time is the key to adequate preparation. High performers identify their areas of weakness and practice often to improve in every aspect. The appropriate mindset and laser-like focus are essential for success. Toppers allocate equal amounts of time to prepare. They adhere to the same preparatory regimen and have self-confidence. As a result, individuals continue to increase their confidence and are equipped to handle any challenging situation. They complete all of the previous year’s papers while keeping their notions in mind. 

Bottom Line

So, now you know the best tips for MPPSC preparation and how to execute it. However, fierce dedication and self-confidence are the first steps to proceeding with MPPSC preparation. You should have faith in yourself and a desire to complete the syllabus within the fastest time and revise the entire thing. It will enhance your chances of cracking your MPPS exams.