MPPSC is known to be the most detailed examination that one can clear. However, it is the most direct way of recruiting eligible candidates for finance, school, and education departments. The exam helps choose only candidates skilled enough to take on the job and have a good idea about the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The recruitment is based entirely on the preliminary and the main examinations, which can be pretty complicated. But of all, it is the personal interview session that happens to be the toughest.

Taking MPPSC coaching classes no doubt happens to be a reliable way of preparing for the examination. The professional will guide and assist you with the entire process and assure you have an easy time. Given the complexity level, the students can understand the technique and are dedicated to the process.

It will be a tough time for the aspirants to prepare; after all, there are a lot of subjects that one needs to cover. Those who are giving the examination for the first time need to be more aware of the details.

So if you wish to get better results in the examination, you need to consider taking professional support. Besides this, the guide here specifies specific tips that will be helpful.

Preparing for the MPPSC exam

Those aspirants preparing for the examination for the first time need to be focused and dedicated. Check out the tips that will be helpful for the preparation process.

Focus and accuracy:  

The main plan when appearing for the MPPSC exam must be to achieve high accuracy in the examination. There is no negative marking. The students only need to focus on attaining the qualifying marks.

Some of them end up entirely on the random selection, which might result in the wrong answer. Thus, you can lose marks. It would help if you had a good idea about all the top questions and the syllabus so that the answers you give in the exam are correct.

Time management:

The MPPSC examination requires excellent command and time management. The candidates must opt for the max questions. However, candidates also need to focus on giving correct answers.

That is why taking the mock test online would work the best, as it will help me understand time management properly.

Check previous years’ papers:

Knowing the MPPSC exam pattern would be helpful as you would know how to prepare yourself.

So you can consider taking the mock test of the previous year’s MPPSC exam papers to brush off the preparation level. It will give you confidence and ensure you do not face any complications.

Make a timetable for study:

When preparing for an examination, one must have an intense timetable and study based on it. The aspirant must be able to manage the time for each of the topics to be covered.

The candidates also need to have proper knowledge of the MPPSC syllabus, and they must clear every single section that can be included in the questions.

Complete the syllabus topic-wise:

Covering the syllabus is quite essential. When you study as per the syllabus, it will be easy for you to know which topic question is appearing in the examination.

Therefore, it will be a big problem solver. Also, you will be able to complete the entire syllabus within the given time.

Learn using the online resources:

You can research online to find resources like MPPSC exam books and study materials that can be helpful for the preparation.

Besides this, taking MPPSC coaching classes is also known to be quite beneficial as professionals provide proper guide analysis.

Make notes:

While preparing a specific topic, you need to make MPPSC notes so that the end state revision process is easy for you.

The notes will help you stay up to date and save time for the revision. Make sure to make the notes up to the mark and short.

Revise properly:

In the end, it is a revision that will be helpful. It would help if you prepared for each section, but as the syllabus is quite comprehensive, forgetting things is normal.

So it is vital to keep revising each of the topics regularly to avoid forgetting them. Also, the notes you make during the practice sessions would be helpful at the end as you will save time going through the entire syllabus.

Those short and precise notes will be beneficial for you to refresh your memory and revise everything fast.

Analyze yourself:

Before the examination, it will be helpful for the candidates to try out the MPPSC test series online. Opting for the mock test will benefit the aspirants to increase their question-solving speed.

Also, it will help get a good idea about the examination pattern. The mock test will allow you to analyze your learning well and see where you stand. Also, it will help improve the accuracy.

The mock test will present your weaknesses and strength in front of you, so the preparation will not only be easy but also guarantee you do not get nervous on the final day. Thus mock tests are quite essential before the examination.


The MPPSC exam preparation can be pretty complicated. Taking the coaching classes would work best. Only with solid preparation will you have a better chance of clearing the examination.

If you need professional support, you can consider contacting Prayas KSG. They have got experienced teachers who will help you throughout the process. The professionals will provide you with a study guide and the correct book information to help you prepare for the examination in the best possible manner.

With professional support from such an experienced team, things will be more accessible, and you will have a better chance of clearing the examination even when given it for the first time.