The online facilities have undoubtedly made life a lot easier for people. Be it a requirement to learn a new dish or skill, and there are now facilities online allowing one to continue with the classes right from home. The effects are visible in terms of the competitive examination. There are now tuition centers that provide online facilities to students. Thus, this has left the students in a dilemma if they should go for offline or online coaching. While both methods have advantages and drawbacks, you must understand the specific goal and study pattern to decide the best.

Different factors would work well for the student to help determine what coaching mode will be better for them. The guide here has provided clear information. Go ahead to check out the details.

Online vs. offline coaching- Which is better?

Coaching happens to be a vital part of MPPSC exam preparation. But the availability of options can be pretty complicated for the students to choose the right one for their needs. This is especially true when deciding between online and offline coaching. If you, too, are in a dilemma as to what will work well for you, then here are certain factors that will help you make the right decision.

1.         Accessibility

A vital factor you have to consider when deciding if you can go for online or offline classes is the accessibility of the coaching center. For instance, most coaching centers operate the types through both online and offline modes. However, the students living near the coaching centers can quickly attend offline classes. At the same time, those who live in some other state or faraway places cannot participate in it offline.

While in other cases, students from a small-town hall or city with no excellent coaching centers can benefit from online classes. Thus opting for the online sessions would be the best for the students.

2.         Fee structure

Online coaching centers have got lower fees than offline ones. A well-known fact that the online classes help save a lot of money as the institute does not have to pay the bills for the rental properties, sanitization, cleaning, electricity, surveillance, security, drinking water and other facilities which the students might require in an offline coaching institute. The only fees they have to bear here during the online course are the internet, material, and tutor fees. So the students will benefit from a lower fee structure with the online coaching class.

3.         Time and Money

You will surely save a lot of time and money when you join online coaching classes, which cannot happen through offline mediums. The time and the fuel you will spend on traveling from your home to the class can also be saved. Also, waiting time between the classes, the need to purchase new clothes for your tuition classes, and keeping up with your daily appearance will be eliminated when you choose to study at home.

4.         Learning Resources

Offline classes are a win when discussing the learning resources required for the preparation. When you choose to get a classroom course, all you need is your textbook, notebook, and pen, and the coaching centers handle the rest. On the other hand, if you plan on joining the online options, then you will require a laptop or mobile using which you have to watch the class, a good internet connection, power backup, etc.

Further, some of the subjects require a practical approach. It won’t be possible for you to recreate the facilities at home. For instance, there can be specific instruments required for physics experiments. Thus, in such cases, offline classes become a necessity.

5.         Portability and Convenience

When it comes to convenience, online classes are a win-win situation. In the case of offline classes, you will have to be present at the given time and place for the classes at a fixed time. However, online coaching allows you to take the class whenever you want at the desired time. This is the convenience that you will get with the online options. Moreover, the flexibility benefit assures you a better chance of preparing for the examinations.

6.         Interaction

If you choose to go for the offline facilities, you will be able to interact with your fellow batch mates and the teachers in a physical setting. While during the sectional test or mock test, you will have exam like setting which will replicate the final exam day. It will put your practice under pressure and thus is a huge advantage that cannot be achieved with online classes.

7.         Learning Speed

When you start the preparation with online coaching, then you can choose to study at your own pace. It is a significant benefit you will get with the online options, as you can choose to take as many classes as you want every day and rewatch the videos. So even if you miss a day of studying, you cannot miss the crucial lectures. This flexibility that you cannot get with the offline course.

8.         Doubts Solving

Solving doubts and questions about the topics will be a lot easy when you choose to start with the coaching in offline mode. However, most online platforms solve this issue by providing doubts-solving classes weekly. They are personal 1to 1 sessions between the student and the tutor to help clear all the doubts.

9.         Restrictions

The online classes work well for those people who have a full-time job or need to stay at home due to illness, family issues, or traveling concerns; the online classes are to be a boom for them.


Ultimately, taking online or offline classes will depend entirely on your specific requirement. Make sure you analyze the study pattern and then see what will work well for you. If you have decided to start online classes, you can consider contacting PrayasKSG. They have the best professionals who will provide you with customized learning programs. They will also provide all the essential study material required for the preparation. As a trusted center, they are well prepared to take care of the needs of the aspirants and ensure they have an easy time clearing the examination.