The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) exam is a fiercely competitive test that evaluates applicants’ knowledge and abilities in various areas. To pass the test, you must thoroughly understand the MPPSC study plan, the test format, and its current syllabus. Therefore, a planned approach is necessary to prepare for the MPPSC exam subject-wise.

The MPPSC 2023 preparation for the preliminary and main stages one should go through to cover all the basics are covered in this article.

Tips on How To Prepare For The MPPSC Preliminary And Main Exams In 2023

Millions of candidates apply yearly to take the Madhya Pradesh PSC recruitment exams. There will be thousands of applicants for each position, making the PSC hiring process more competitive. Each MPPSC exam took a lot of effort to overcome the hurdle with the two stages of the Prelims, Main, and Interview. Following a structured schedule, studying the recommended texts, working through old test questions, and reading the in-depth MPPSC notes are all effective ways to prepare for the MPPSC without coaching.

Familiarize Yourself with the MPPSC Syllabus

Understanding the MPPSC Syllabus is essential. A candidate should be familiar with the Prelims and Mains topics covered in the test, according to the MPPSC Syllabus. In addition, applicants must locate the important curricular sections.

Create a Study Plan

Candidates need to plan their time well. Each subject should get an equal amount of time. A deadline should be set for finishing each topic, subject, and general studies paper for the candidate.

Follow the Best Techniques

Those considering applying must get ready by learning the best exam-coping strategies.

Prepare Notes

Candidates can prepare and update their notes or use the MPPSC notes, which will benefit the final test.

 Practice Previous Years’ Papers

The best resource for determining how difficult the exam will be is the MPPSC Past Year Papers. Students can benefit from using the previous year’s question papers to help them prepare thoroughly and methodically for the preliminary and main exams.

Take Mock Tests

Aspirants can practice questions and assess their level of preparation with the help of the Prelims and Mains MPPSC Test Series.

Time Management

Students can practice answering questions daily to overcome time management issues to prepare for the MPPSC Mains exams.

Stay Updated with Current Affairs:

Candidates for the MPPSC without coaching should be up on current events in Madhya Pradesh and keep separate notes

Final Takeaway,

Before preparing for the exam, the candidate must understand the syllabus. Write notes on politics, economics, history, and geography. Take more mock tests to understand the exam structure and questions.

The length of time required to learn is variable. Nonetheless, to pass the exam, a candidate must put in at least 8 to 9 hours every day of study time. The candidate’s aptitude determines the number of study hours.

For the MPPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interview, the average student needs 8–10 months to prepare. However, dedicated students have also made progress in a lot less time.