Clearing the MPPSC exam is not easy. There are a lot of steps involved in the process that the candidate needs to clear before they can start a job as a civil servant. The written exams, no doubt, are a lot easier than the personal interview.

Those who are confident and aware of the aspects can clear the personal interview round. The individual interviews happen to be the fascinating stage. There is no definite way the preparation. Everything is based on the experience of the candidate who has attended the interview or has proper knowledge about the experts.

The exam carries about 175 marks, including the question-answer evaluation, personality and character traits, knowledge, presence of mind, body language, attire, the way you present yourself during the interview, etc.

Once you have cleared the main exam, you need to start with the research to know what goes on during the interview process. Make sure you start making MPPSC notes right from the start so that you have clear-cut information and an idea of what you have to focus on.

Besides this, MPPSC coaching will undoubtedly be helpful as the professionals there are experienced. They will prepare you well for the interview session to get positive results.

Tips for the preparation of a personal interview

Once you have successfully cleared the MPPSC mains examination and are wondering how you can remove the interview level, starting with coaching with the best professional in town, no doubt, will be the best for the preparation for the final stage. Besides this, mentioned here are other tips that will be helpful for you.

Revise the syllabus

Besides understanding the basic concepts, make sure to revise the syllabus before the interview session. It would help if you did not leave any questions and answers during the revision.

Revising the entire MPPSC syllabus before the interview will ensure that you do not fumble when the questions are asked of you.

Read newspaper regularly

For MPPSC preparation, the aspirant must keep reading newspapers regularly. During the interview session, most of the questions are asked based on the current events in the country.

You must be able to specify the details. So make sure you pay attention to the important news associated with Madhya Pradesh.

Be well versed with the CV.

When summiting the documents before the interview session, you need to see that your CV is up to date. This is because your experience and achievements must be included in the CV.

Also, you must have a proper understanding of the details mentioned so that any questions associated with the CV can quickly be answered.

Have proper knowledge about the background

The examiners will ask questions about the aspirant’s background. For example, they might ask about something associated with your community or residential area.

These can be questions related to history, geography, or politics. So make sure you have got a proper understanding of your background.

Choose the proper attire for the interview day.

Your interview day matters a lot. You will be judged based on your attire, and the dressing style reflects your personality. So you must prepare the clothing for the interview day in advance.

Make sure you look the best version of yourself and have the confidence to present yourself positively.

Practice controlling the voice and body language

The aspirant must get proper body language and speaking tone. Generally, when you speak at the interview unprepared, you can become conscious or lose control of the body language.

This can lead to negative results. Therefore, instead of worrying, it will benefit that you prepare yourself in advance to control your body language and know how to handle challenging situations.

Practice in front of the mirror

You can stand in front of the mirror to practice. It will help see your body language, appearance, etc. In addition, practice will help you present yourself in a more calm and composed manner.

Practice frequently asked questions.

For MPPSC preparation, you must be prepared with the most basic questions during the interview sessions. You can get an idea about it online or through the study notes.

Although it is not possible to know about each of the topics, it will be better if you have well-framed answers to the most common questions so that you can answer them correctly instead of getting nervous on the final day.

Opt for a mock interview

Most coaching centers will arrange a mock interview for those who have cleared the main examination. The mock interviews are there to help the students to a great extent.

The feedback from the examiner will work well to get a second perspective for the preparation. Most students believe that the interview level can be pretty tricky, but when you are well aware of the questions or the pattern, things will work well for you.

Only with proper preparation and practice will you be able to secure good results.


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