MPPSC is a recruitment examination that allows candidates to be posted in multiple government departments in Madhya Pradesh. The recruitment exam happens in two stages, namely prelims and mains examination. Therefore, the candidates must be dedicated and motivated to prepare to clear the prelims examination and appear for the MPPSC mains. No doubt the opportunity provide it offers is similar for all the candidates. However, the dedication and effort one puts in the preparation will ensure better results.

When you are applying for the exam, things can be challenging. But specific tips will help you prepare for MPPSC at home properly. The guide here has provided the information.

MPPSC Exam Preparation

There are a lot of things that you can do at home to start with the MPPSC exam preparation. The candidates must have a strict schedule that they can follow regularly and prepare well. One of the most vital aspects and tricks is having a plan that allows you to cover every subject within the given timeline. The exam strategy must be clear, and the aspirant needs to provide proper preparation timings so that each subject is clear and you have a good advantage on the final day. Besides, the candidate also must get an idea about the MPPSC exam syllabus and pattern.

There are a lot of tricks and tips which the candidates can use for their preparation so that they have a better chance of clearing the examination—given how the information you use in your regular schedule will determine the results. Check out some helpful tips to prepare for the MPPSC exam at home without going to the coaching.

•          It is vital that the candidates make it a habit to read the newspapers regularly. It will help get you the information about the current affairs in India.

•          The candidates must make it a habit to purchase current affairs magazines which help them with all the essential information about the country.

•          You can go online to look for the study materials that will be helpful for you to prepare well for the examination.

•          Considering the mock test paper and solving those question papers of the last five years will be helpful for you to see how well you have prepared. Also, it will assure you work on the weak points.

•          There are sample papers available online, allowing you to experience the pressure you will see on the final day. However, with proper time management and experience in advance, you will have an easy time on exam day.

MPPSC Exam Pattern

The pattern for both prelims and main examination differs. For instance, a total of 200 questions will come for the prelims examination. The maximum mark will be 400. Therefore, the candidates must score as small as possible to clear the prelims examination. After that, there will be the main examination which will have a total mark of 1400.

To prepare for the examination, you must have the right idea about the topics to be covered. There are different topics and syllabi which you have to cover for both of the examinations separately. Make sure to cover all the topics in detail without leaving anything. You can individually prepare study notes related to each case so that during the last days, you have an easy time going ahead with the revision.

MPPSC Exam Subjects

Some of the central subjects for the preparation for the prelims exam include Indian history, general science, environment, Indian politics and economy, history, geography, the culture of Madhya Pradesh, logical reasoning, interpersonal and communication skills, numerical ability, problem-solving, analytical ability, Hindi comprehensions, etc.

The main examination general subjects include history and culture, world history, Indian culture, water management, geography, the impact of British rule, human resource development, international organization, and public affairs, constitution including directive principles of State policy, fundamental rights, etc., International organization, the education system of India, science and technology, Indian economy, logical reasoning, data interpretation, emotional intelligence, case studies, Hindi language test, essay on a given topic, etc.

The Preparation

You can find the books available in the market from different writers who will allow you to cover all the essential topics required for the preparation. However, the preparation phase will be much more challenging for you, given the vast syllabus you must cover. Therefore, it will be beneficial to understand essential steps in advance and collect the study material. This is the crucial step to avoiding any complications during the preparation.

Also, preparing notes during study time will be helpful for you. Taking notes of all the subjects is the key to avoiding any complications at the last moment. Furthermore, this will allow you to have an easy time preparing for the final examination and revising all the essential topics.

Undoubtedly, preparing at home for the MPPSC exam can be pretty complicated. But if you feel that you cannot prepare well or stay motivated, it will be helpful to consider taking professional support. Online videos and lectures are available that will work well for you to continue with the preparation. You need to avoid looking for those videos that consume time but result in no help. With proper motivation for the practice, you will be able to clear the examination well.


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