With books, exam preparation is sufficient as books are the primary sources of information for the syllabus and significant subjects on every exam. Therefore, reading is a vital part of exam preparation. In addition, the MPPSC NCERT Books contain thorough exam content that covers the whole MPPSC syllabus. Therefore, these books can be a starting point for the candidates’ preparation. However, MPPSC coaching guides you to Pass the most challenging exam.

Read the complete blog to learn more about the importance of NCERT books for MPPSC.

  • These books will review everything on the curriculum and inform applicants of all the specific MPPSC themes.
  • NCERT books help candidates in strengthening their preparation from the ground up by supporting their fundamental knowledge in each topic.

What Are The NCERT Books Good At?

NCERTs are the foundation for complete preparation because they are the most fundamental texts written clearly and objectively with plain language. These texts will provide most of one’s basic knowledge of geography and history. The writing style of these books should also be reflected in the Mains answer writing style, making these books an essential component of preparation for the Mains exam.

Now let’s examine from the perspectives of the Prelims and Mains:

  • At least 35–40 preliminary exam questions are taken directly from the NCERTs each year.
  • One book is helpful for both the preliminary and main exams if you read it. For instance, the most thorough books that every candidate must read are the Geography NCERTs of classes 11 and 12 and the History NCERTs of classes 10 and 11.
  • It facilitates organized study; otherwise, you risk losing in the immense sea of information and training resources.
  • Studying these books will help you in selecting the humanities optional if you are planning to choose one and come from a non-humanities background. It may also help you in writing your optional paper.

Reading List NCERT Books

The timeline is a feature that the prelims and main historical perspectives share in the textbooks. Factual information is, therefore, crucial in this situation, combined with some contextual memory.

  • For the geography component of the prelims and main exams, treat the NCERTs as the Bible. On the maps, recognize all the rivers, mountain ranges, passes, etc.
  • The 11th-grade art and culture NCERT addresses the art and culture component and is crucial for preparing for the preliminary test.
  • Refrain from taking notes while reading; treat this as a critical resource for the Mains essay-writing assignment. It is more philosophical than factual, while most of the questions asked by MPPSC are factual.
  • The sociology NCERTs will present the idea that our society is constantly changing into a new moving equilibrium and that there are numerous conflicts, multiple points of view, and numerous social factors, particularly those involving women, children, caste, class, a disadvantaged group of the population, etc. Thus, read them in the primary syllabus’s section on society.

How to Study NCERT for MPPSC?

The goal of NCERT books is to help students deeply understand concepts. Here are some pointers to help you comprehend how to read NCERT for MPPSC, which will enable you to finish all of the required reading for the MPPSC Prelims:

Create A Schedule

Maintaining motivation is a challenge, especially when there is a lot of material to learn and little time left before the exam. Create a list per subject to ensure you cover every topic in the curriculum.

Write Quick Notes

Notes are lifesavers for last-minute correction. Keeping thorough, careful notes will enable you to edit everything with the least effort and time possible.


It is best to review your lessons learned before calling it a day. Even 20 to 25 minutes of your time can guarantee a successful result.


You may keep tabs on yourself using mock tests to indicate your daily progress. Make sure to review your weak areas properly. Make an effort to take at least one practice test each day.

Apply the formula (Approach, Priority, and Time)

The Approach

It is crucial to get off to the appropriate start. Two approaches to learning from these texts are possible:

  • First, the class-wise strategy is used to review every book in a certain class.
  • The subject-wise strategy enables you to read all the books by picking one subject at a time and studying the literature associated with it beginning in sixth grade.

Yet, using this method will help you fully comprehend every topic and keep it longer.


The MPPSC syllabus is extensive. As a result, you need to prioritize various topics. These works span a wide range of topics, including science, history, geography, and sociology.

Pick a subject you believe you need to prepare better since you feel weak. Then, start by getting ready for it. This will offer you a tonne of extra time to study for the exam and review the most challenging section again.

Time Management

You need to remember one small thing to get the outcomes you want. Time management becomes essential for any exam if you run low on time.

Final Takeaway,

Reading NCERT books is an essential component of MPPSC preparation since it enables students to develop a solid foundation, thoroughly comprehend the subjects, and keep the knowledge for longer. Therefore, it is crucial to approach to read NCERT for MPPSC systematically and consistently, set realistic goals, take notes, and constantly review your understanding with quizzes and mock tests if you want to get the most out of your time and work. These pointers can help you successfully use these books to get ready for the MPPSC exams.