Candidates looking forward to securing a state government job in Madhya Pradesh needs to crack the MPPSC prelims and mains examination. Preparing for this state-level competitive exam takes uncompromising dedication and studies. If you plan to crack this exam, choose subject-wise books from NCERT for MPPSC prelims and mains.

This blog will provide detailed guidelines on preparing yourself for MPPSC examinations through NCERT books.

How are NCERT Books helpful for MPPSC?

The importance of NCERT books in MPPS exams is undeniable. Almost 30-40 MPPSC prelims questions are taken from NCERTs every year. Moreover, the book you read for prelims also helps you crack the mains. For instance, the NCERT Geography and History books of classes 11-12 and 10-11 are necessary to study materials for MPPSC aspirants.

As the syllabus for MPPSC is vast, you may need help to finish the syllabus with coaching study materials. Choosing NCERT for MPPSC will help you go through topic-wise and subject-wise planned study material.

Moreover, these books are so easily illustrated that even if you are not from a particular subject’s background, it will help you understand easily. Furthermore, you can choose optional papers accordingly after going through the NCERT books.

How should you read NCERT books to crack your MPPSC?

While preparing for MPPSC, keep the syllabus handy and start subject-wise preparation. It will be easier and more helpful than grade-wise preparation. To begin with, read the book thoroughly and grasp the concepts carefully. Next, look at the questions from previous years to get an idea about the topics you need to cover.

Then continue reading the book for the second time to learn the facts and concepts. Make sure you highlight the essential topics and make notes of them while reading the book for the third time. However, it would be best if you were careful about one thing. Take a different time than you took earlier to cover one topic. If you can achieve it successfully, you can learn the issues faster.

What should you read from the NCERT books?

While choosing NCERT for MPPSC, you should prepare a strategy regarding what you should read from each book. Here is a subject-wise study plan to make your job easier:

  • History: You must approach from a different perspective to cover the prelims and mains. Whatever you are preparing for, prelims or mains, TIMELINE should be familiar for both. You need t grasp factual knowledge besides having contextual memory. History is such a subject where you need to memorize the facts thoroughly. So, make sure you go through the chapters carefully and learn the important dates and years particularly.
  • Art & Culture: If you are preparing for MPPSC mains, the 11th standard’s NCERT Art & Culture book can help you cover the GS section.
  • Geography: NCERT Geography is the ultimate book for MPPSC prelims and mains. In this book, you can learn about the rivers, passes, mountain ranges, and maps in detail.
  • Sociology: The importance of NCERT in MPPSC exams is inevitable as these books can help you cover all the topics of prelims and mains. In NCERT Sociology, you can get a clear idea about the evolution of our society.

This evolution has yet to take place in a single day. However, several conflicts, social issues, perspectives, etc., have gradually led to an equilibrium. Sociology will also enlighten you about the caste system, women, children, deprived class, etc., and related issues. As per the GS-1 mains syllabus, NCERT Sociology will cover most of it.

  • Polity: Though this book contains more philosophical inputs than factual data, which is not required for MPPSC, you can read it for knowledge. It will help you prepare for the Essay writing part.
  • Environment & Biology: MPPSC exams contain at least 8-12 questions from this book annually. So, this book is a must-read for cracking your MPPSC mains and prelims.

How should you take notes from NCERT books?

While taking notes from the NCERT for MPPSC, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Preparing a different note-making style for other subject areas would be best. It will help in learning and memorizing the lessons quickly.
  • While taking notes, you should follow the syllabus strictly. You should divide the messages according to the topics in the MPPSC syllabus.
  • Only some notes need to be taken in the same manner. For instance, Geography, History, Mnemonics, etc., should be noted in flow charts or factual data. However, Arts & Culture do not involve such things. So, you should maintain subject-wise notes as per the requirement.
  • Copy the notes in easy language that delivers a better and easy understanding. This way, you can revise your lessons without looking back into the books again.
  • Last, you can use digital notes to make your preparation more accessible and comfortable.

What are the benefits of NCERT books?

The benefits and importance of NCERT books for MPPSC examinations can be represented as follows:

  • The simple language of these books makes it easy for candidates to grasp the concepts quickly.
  • These books are written by eminent authors and contain elaborate explanations and detailed information on each subject. The Indian Government set up the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research Training) in 1961 to assist the State and Central Governments in improvising the school education system. So, these books are written after extensive research.
  • These books contain authentic and genuine information regarding every subject and topic. In addition, government officials and experts conducted thorough research before compiling these books. As a result, NCERT books help build a strong base in every subject and case for the MPPSC examination.

Final Words

The importance of NCERT books is immense while preparing yourself for MPPSC examinations. However, you must ensure that everything you study follows your MPPSC syllabus. There can be several exciting topics, but you should stay within your syllabus.