The MPPSC examination is the most famous civil service exam. Thousands of students every year sit for the exam to get a job as government servants. Despite the high number of people sitting for the examination, the clearance rate is restricted. No doubt, the exam requires the candidates to put in all the focus and dedication to succeed. Only with a proper study schedule and focus on preparation will you be able to clear the examination. But the essential strategy or vital thing to do for having a better chance of getting positive results is to understand the syllabus first.

Every year there, certain changes are made to the MPPSC examination. If you have made up your mid to appear for the exam, the guide here will provide the information about the same. The candidate should be able to find the details of the updated MPPSC syllabus for the mains, prelims, and interviews. Some of the topics of the MPPSC examination might overlap with the UPSC.

But before you move ahead with the same, make sure you check the eligibility criteria to see if you are eligible to sit for the examination.

MPPSC Prelims Syllabus

Like the UPSC prelims, there is a preliminary round for the MPPSC examination, which is like a streaming process. The marks one will obtain in the preliminary stage will be considered in the final merit list. The MPPSC prelims syllabus is a lot more similar to the UPSC prelims. During the examination, you will have two papers. One of the general studies and the other of general aptitude. Both are carrying 200 marks each. You will be allowed to write the paper for 2 hours each.

The major topics of the examination include

1.         Main Topics for Paper I

•          Indian history and independent India

•          MP’s History, geography, and culture

•          General science and environment

•          Current affairs of international importance

•          Indian economy and politics

•          Economy and polity of MP

•          Information and communication technology

2.         Main Topics for Paper II

•          Interpersonal skills

•          Problem-solving and decision making

•          Comprehension

•          Basic numeracy

•          Analytical ability and logical reasoning

•          Hindi language comprehension skills

You must not stress out looking at the syllabus as the questions that will be asked will be general. The focus must be on simple reading and going for continuous revisions. There are different books and online study materials available that will be helpful for you to prepare well for the MPPSC exam. There are strategies and books that the candidates can refer to through the details available online on the platform. Besides, you can also compare the syllabus with the IAS prelims to look for similarities and go ahead with the preparation for both papers, as it will benefit greatly.

MPPSC Main Syllabus

Once the candidate has successfully cleared the prelims examination, he will be allowed to sit for the mains. The cut here is decided by the MPPSC. It will determine who will proceed with the next stage of the state examination. Herein you will be writing about 8 papers which will include General Studies I of 300 marks, General Studies II of 300 marks, General Studies III of 300 marks, General Studies IV of 200 marks, Hindi essay of 100 marks, and General Hindi of 200 marks.

All of the papers except the Hindi essay will be for 3 hours. You need to cover a lot of syllabi for the main examination. Remember to pay extra tension to all of the topics to ensure you are well prepared for the final day. The details here will provide you clear insights about the syllabus.

Mains GS-I

Coming to the first paper of the MPPSC mains examination is a general study. The section covers the topics that you have to prepare.

•          The history section will include the topics like Indian history, world history, and modern Indian history with a special emphasis on the British invasion, medieval Indian history, Indian freedom struggle, and the post-independence struggle.

•          The geography section will focus on Indian geography, food processing industries, and soil

•          The culture section will have an emphasis on the topics like Indian Heritage and culture with a special reference to the MP

•          Disaster management is quite an essential topic. The focus here will be on community planning, artificial disaster, and the case studies

The General Studies I for the MPPSC examination has a topic that is a lot similar to the IAS primary syllabus to some extent. So if you are preparing for both examinations at once, it will be helpful for you.

Mains GS-II

•          Here, the constitution section will focus on the topics including directive principles of state policies, fundamental rights, judiciary Panchayati Raj and center and state legislatures

•          Under the social sector segment, there will be a topic like technology in the field of human health along with health services

•          As an MPPSC aspirant, you must read about the education system while focusing on the current updates in elementary education and the issues faced for girls’ education.

•          Under the social legislation, the focus must be on the current bills that the center passes and the state cabinets, and the ones that are in consideration.

•          A simple understanding of the topics like internal organization HRD will be enough

Mains GS-III

•          In contrast to the other civil service examination MPPSC does not include topics like data interpretation and reasoning in the main examination. But it takes mensuration and profit and loss.

•          While there also will be topics like environment sustainable development, energy, and the Indian economy, which must be understood with reference to the basic NCERT.

•          Also, the generalized science and technology issues must be read and understood by the aspirant.

Mains GS-IV

This is the last paper of the main examination, including case studies on integrity, tax, etc. The general studies for the examination have a major syllabus about current topics and solving case studies. So you will have to consider referring to the NCERT books to solve the case studies and improve your problem-solving capability. The syllabus here will focus on attitude, human needs, motivation, and philosophy. Besides, there are two other subjects, Hindi essay, and General Hindi, for which the 10th level knowledge is more than enough.

MPPSC Interview

This is the last stage for clearing the MPPSC examination. Once you have successfully appeared for the main examination and cleared it, you will be eligible to go ahead with the interview session. Most candidates are worried about the interview session as they think it is the toughest, but in reality, it will be a lot easier for you to clear when you have prepared well for the exam. After all, the questions that the jury will ask you during the interview will be similar to the syllabus and your understanding of the subjects. Thus, you need not have to worry about taking extra pressure. However, it will be better if you go ahead with the revisions and prepare well for the final day.

The interview session, when given with confidence, will turn out to be a lot easier to clear. The interview in fact is not at all problematic. Instead of pressurizing yourself with learning new things, it will be better that you go ahead with the revisions of the previous topics. Also, confidence here is the key. So, you must not be demotivated. Instead, it will be better that you boost your confidence with the revisions of the previously learned topics.

Also, you need to consider solving the questions that might have been asked during the previous interviews. This will boost your knowledge and prepare you well for the final day. While if you are unsure if the preparation is going right, you can consider getting professional support.

 This will allow you to have an easy time getting expert support for the process. Be it the examination or the interview; the professionals will be there to make things absolutely easy for you. They will provide you with the required study material that will be essential for the preparation. Besides, they will also help you work on your strength and weaknesses so that you have an easy time clearing the examination.


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