The MPPSC examination offers candidates an opportunity to apply for government jobs and get posted and some of the high-ranking profiles. But given the number of candidates who apply yearly, it is pretty tough to clear the examination. You must have heard about all the buzz regarding MPPSC. Every candidate who plans to appear for the MPPSC examination has a fear of the competition and the difficulty they will face. But out of all, the MPPSC prelims exam is the toughest of all. After all, based on this, you will be able to sit for the mains. It is the first step to be cleared for moving ahead.

Factors Determining the Difficulty of the Examination

Undoubtedly numerous factors contribute to the difficulty. Herein MPPSC coaching in Bhopal will be helpful for you to prepare well for the final day but having an idea about the factors that can influence your preparation level is essential to stay focused and work towards your betterment. The list here specifies the details that will help you know why MPPSC stand out among the other competitive examination.

1. Examination Pattern

The pattern is the primary factor that significantly influences the difficulty level of the examination. Generally, the students must appear for three stages to clear the MPPSC examination finally. The first one is the MPPSC prelims which are of great importance. Although it is the primary level of the examination, the results will determine if you will be able to move ahead or if you will have to sit for the test again next year.

All three levels of the examination can be challenging. Still, the most difficult one is the interview, which is the final stage where the students generally need more knowledge of the personality test. So, they have to appear for the examination again. It is right to say the MPPSC examination is relaxed, but with proper dedication and preparation, you can quickly clear the prelims and the main.

2. Wide Syllabus

When it comes to the MPPSC syllabus contributes significantly to the complexity of the examination. Several subjects have to be covered. Besides, the topics make it highly complicated, especially for someone sitting for the test for the first time. It is the long study hours and determination that the student is worried about when starting preparation. But remember, the role of the MPPSC is not just limited. The number of subjects to be covered contains multiple streams. So, you will have to stay prepared for it all.

Herein considering the MPPSC crash course or proper coaching will be helpful for you to check your preparation level and see how far you have come. Besides, it will also help you work on your strength and weaknesses. So, you will get the confidence required for sitting for the final day.

3. Passing Marks

Unlike the regular examination, the passing marks are not 33%. MPPSC is a highly competitive examination. It is one of the toughest. Checking past success in the study will give you a clear idea about the difficulty of clearing the test. The cut-off here is usually low. The reason is the challenging competition level; everyone wishes to try their abilities and break into the government service. Every year, lakhs of people appear for the MPPSC prelims exam. However, only 25% of them successfully clear out.

Further, the number of candidates who qualify for the MPPSC mains examination is even less. This turns out to be 15%. The relatively low success rate makes students generally worried about their study. So, they end up doing things wrong. If the overall pass percentage is to be considered, it will come to around 1%. This means you must start with more than the preparation at the last moment. It requires great determination and MPPSC coaching assistance right from the start to ensure you are well-prepared for the final day.

4. Time Required for Preparation

There is no hidden fact that students must be dedicated to their studies and put in all the time and effort. You must prepare for the examination in a month or two. It will require at least a year of preparation to sit confidently for the test. After all, you can only cover such a vast syllabus after a period of time. It requires proper planning, preparation, and more. You can try the MPPSC crash course, but it will be helpful only when you are done with all the practice. The crash course will be a revision session to see your preparation level.

Time management here is critical. After all, you must cover the search-wide syllabus and topics before the final exam. Also, you will have to try on the test papers and go ahead with the revision before the examination. Having time for it all will be beneficial to get the confidence you require on the final day.

5. Negative Marking

MPPSC prelims exam is objective. This means you have to choose the correct answer from the four options. However, it is more complicated. First, you have to solve the question and then mark the right one. Although there is no negative marking, you still have to be sure of the answer. After all, you want to ensure you get all the percentages of your marks.


MPPSC prelims examination, no doubt, is quite tough to clear. Thus, starting with MPPSC coaching right at the start will be helpful for you to get the expert guidance and support you require. This will give you the confidence boost and all the study material, which will be beneficial to cover the entire syllabus and stay prepared for the final day. The preparation will be challenging and dedicated, but it will be accessible once you get the help. Prayas KSG is the most trusted one for the practice. They have competent teachers who will make the experience easy for you. Moreover, they have got weekly test series which will be helpful for you to check your preparation level and ensure you have a better chance of clearing the exam.