The MPPSC exam provides opportunities to those planning to get a government job. It can include deputy collector, assistant director, etc. Thousands of students sit for the examination. However, the pass rate of the same is not too high. Thus, preparation here is crucial for positive results.

This would mean you have to start with the preparation as early as possible and make intelligent decisions. Also, you must be aware of what you must avoid during the preparation. Inevitable common mistakes can hamper your result. Having an idea about it will guarantee you can prepare well and avoid those mistakes.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Preparing for the MPPSC exam requires excellent dedication during those tough times. It will be helpful if you avoid making inevitable mistakes during the preparation to improve your chances of getting positive results in your first attempt.

1. Not having a study strategy or plan

A common mistake the aspirants make during the preparation is not having a study timetable. Having a proper plan is quite essential for cracking the MPPSC exam. As the syllabus will be intense and prolonged, you will have to solve question papers and take mock tests. So if you don’t have a good plan, you will get confused. Go ahead to set yourself some realistic goals for every week and month.

2.         Not working on the Plans

Despite having a good plan, most students fail to cope with the execution as they do not go as per the plan. Remember, success will come only with those well-executed plans. So, it would be best if you did not confuse yourself. It would be best if you worked hard to prepare by following the pre-set plans.

3.         Taking the mock tests lightly

Generally, the students plan on appearing for the MPPSC exam, taking coaching, and referring to the best books. However, they fail to keep up with the mock test or avoid it entirely. This is a significant mistake that one can make. A mock trial is essential for every government exam as it helps understand the strengths and weaknesses. You won’t be able to work on something unless you know where you are lacking in your preparation before you sit for the examination.

4.         Ignoring the importance of previous years’ questions

The previous year’s question paper has a lot of potential for aspirants planning to appear for MPPSC exams. These papers will help you understand the trends. This gives you a decent idea about the type of questions that can arise, but if you avoid those question papers, you won’t be prepared well. In such a competitive scenario, you cannot afford any chance of losing. There are expert facilities and coaching centers that will recommend you to solve question papers for at least the last five years. It is considered the best strategy to understand how much you have prepared.

5.         Relying on others

When starting the preparation, most candidates rely too much on others like YouTube, friends, or teachers. These factors are acceptable to a specific limit for learning and getting motivation. But when it comes to cracking the examination, it must come from within. You can consider taking help from others but only when required. Make sure to avoid becoming too much reliant on others.

6.         Considering Past Results

Although you might have successfully cleared the competitive exam in the past, this does not mean you can do the same with MPPSC. It has nothing to do with how well you will perform in the following competitive exam. No doubt, the exam patterns are unique. They differ in attributes. That is why you must never be overconfident about your past achievements. Instead, focusing on the future is what you have to do to clear the MPPSC exam.

7.         Avoiding Breaks

The competitive exams require you to be extra careful and dedicated in the preparation, but this does not mean you avoid taking breaks. Continuously studying for long hours can take a toll on your body. When you take breaks in between, it will refresh your body and mind. After all, you are just a human.

Studies specify that breaks between studies will enhance your retention power and efficiency. For example, while studying for 3 – 4 hours, consider taking a gap of 15 to 20 minutes and then continue with the process.

8.         No revision work

The MPPSC exam has got a vast syllabus. But you can do it with proper tuition. While focusing on learning, you also must have time to revise. If you haven’t included a revision in your strategy yet, it is time to consider it.

Most aspirants focus on learning about the new topics and thus entirely avoid revision. Unfortunately, this might lead to messing up during the examination. On the other hand, the revision will help you regain everything that you have previously prepared.

9.         Getting Distracted

While some aspirants are motivated to continue with the study pattern and stay focused, some get distracted through online forms like social media, watching unnecessary videos, going out with friends, etc. You must get rid of all the distractions and keep yourself focused on your goal of clearing the examination.


MPPSC is tough to clear. Thousands of candidates appear yearly, but the clearance rate is too low. Thus it would be best if you were dedicated enough to ensure you have a better chance of clearance m. If you are making any of the mistakes mentioned here, it is time for you to take proper measures. Also, if you wish for professional support, you can consider contacting PrayasKSG. They have got expert professionals to provide you with customized sessions. They guarantee you have an easy time learning about the essentials that will ensure you clear the exam with flying colors.