The MPPSC examination is a popular civil service exam. Every year thousands of applicants appear for the exam. But the clearance percentage is relatively low. Thus one must be well prepared in advance for the final day. There are exam guides and syllabi that will help prepare but besides this, taking professional support is vital. The coaching option is there to provide you with all the necessary study material that would be helpful for your preparation. Also, their professionals will guide you throughout the process and ease the job of getting positive results for the exam.

In addition to the support you can get from outside sources, you must start with your preparation on your own. However, some tips will ensure you have an easy time preparing for the examination and clearing it.

Preparing for the MPPSC Exam

Starting the preparation for the MPPSC exam, no doubt, can be quite complicated. It requires hard work from the end of the aspirant. It is this essential that you’re prepared for it all so you have a better chance of clearing the exam. The list here specifies specific tips which will allow you to have an easy time throughout the process.

1.         Understand the syllabus and find the suitable study material

First, you must understand the syllabus. You need to be well aware of the topics and subjects included in the MPPSC syllabus. The focus herein must be on the prelim examination as this is the first to clear. Understanding the types of questions and exam patterns will help as you can start with the preparation the right way. This will help you understand and determine the depth of the topic you must prepare.

Besides this, you also need to collect the right study material, which will help you have an easy time with the preparation. However, ensure you don’t indulge in filling the room with too many materials, as you won’t be able to complete them within the given timeline. Further, that topic you do not find in the books must be printed out online.

2.         Schedule your Preparation

You cannot continue preparing until you have a well-planned schedule. Execution of the same is also essential for success. Thus, you must come up with a good study schedule and strategy to help you succeed. You must divide each topic and subject according to your interest, time limits, and difficulty level. Make sure to relax. Sticking to the schedule to cover the entire syllabus within the given timeline is vital.

3.         Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines is an effective way to see how much you can push yourself to complete the syllabus. Moreover, when you have a specific goal, you will have a sense of achievement when you complete it, and it will keep you motivated to study well. Also, this will enhance the process and give you good rewards.

4.         Take Professional Help

Their subjects which you might not be able to understand on your own. In such situations having a professional who can help you with the preparation can be pretty beneficial. You can look for online courses that you can consider and continue right from the comfort of your home. This will allow you to get professional support regarding the study material, doubt clearance, etc. Also, the experts will be there to work on your weakness.

The idea here is that you can prepare for the MPPSC with the help of coaching must be eliminated. Professional support will not only keep you motivated for the entire process but also will improve your chances of succeeding. The expert will be there to push you to work hard on your weaknesses and increase your chances of success.

5.         Healthy Study Habits

The students start with the coaching classes because they have to follow a fixed schedule and timing over there. This helps build healthy and disciplined study habits. But when students study at home, they use the time to indulge in lousy habits like late night study, not sitting straight while studying, skipping days without studying, taking breaks too frequently, etc. These small habits can have a significant impact on your study schedule.

Although you might not consider it significant, it will significantly affect your ability to recall things and your memory power. Whether studying during the day or night, make sure you have a disciplined schedule for the preparation. This will also help you get the character traits of a faithful civil servant, which involve responsible nature, discipline, following deadlines etc. In addition, you must build habits that will help you with the preparation, like watching parliament sessions, reading the newspaper, regularly meditating, etc.

6.         Take a Mock Test and Solve the Previous Year’s Question papers

No doubt going through the books and the study materials will help you get all the knowledge you need for the examination, but you also need to check if you can recall things. Thus this is essential that you go on to take the mock test and also solve the previous question papers. This will help you evaluate your preparation level. Also, you will get a clear idea of where you are and help develop an intelligent study plan, which will help you get the results.


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