The MPPSC exam is trendy. Despite the challenges, lakhs of students apply for it every year. Only those dedicated to their study and preparation can clear the examination with flying colors and get the job.

One can easily find multiple books and other study materials that make it easy to prepare. NCERT books, among all the options, are the most beneficial ones. The books are known to be unbiased and can provide a lot of information in a completely truthful manner, especially regarding geography and history.

No matter the civil service exam you are preparing for, the NCERT books are the best, especially for the MPPSC exam. If you are planning to start with the preparation, then choosing the right NCERT books will be pretty helpful.

They are suitable for basic knowledge but remember, they won’t help cover the entire syllabus for the MPPSC exam. Although there is a misconception that one need not consider NCERT books. But in reality, they can be pretty helpful.

You must make sure that you choose the books only at the last stage but not right from the start. You can find books about geography and history easily. You must select the one that has easily got the up-to-date information for you to grasp it. But remember, simply studying from the books won’t be helpful.

You need to understand the correct part and have professional support as it improves the chances of getting a positive result. You can consider searching for MPPSC coaching in Madhya Pradesh to find a professional that can provide you with thorough knowledge and guidance throughout the journey.

Professional support here will make a significant difference and help you attain the desired results.

What’s good about the NCERT books?

The NCERT books are essential books written in lucid and simple language. It is the neutral perspective in the book which makes it easy for the entire preparation. Moreover, most of the questions for history and geography from these books appear in the exam.

Besides this, the main answer is that writing language is a lot similar to the writing style of the books, which makes it a fundamental element during the preparation for the main exam.

During the examination, about 35 to 40 prelim questions are there from the books. So if you read the right books for the prelims exam, it will come in handy.

You can opt for the geography NCERT books of classes 11 and 12 or even the history books, as they will quickly provide comprehensive knowledge. The NCERT books help in planned study instead of opting for a lot of information and coaching material.

Further, if you plan on choosing humanities when you are from a non-humanity background, selecting the NCERT books will be helpful for you to find the right option. Further, it will also help with the optional papers.

It can be said that the NCERT books are like a guiding step for those preparing for the exam. Even when you choose to go for MPPSC coaching in Madhya Pradesh, the professionals there will advise you about the right book that will work the best in the preparation.

The professionals understand the information that will be essential for you during the examination. Books are one way to get all the knowledge quickly.

What to study from NCERT books?

Besides NCERT books, there are other options available in the market. But for history and geography, NCERT happens to be the best. With the history books, you will get all the help for your mains and prelims examination in different ways.

However, timeline happens to be common in both. So factual knowledge from the books will be pretty beneficial for you, along with some contextual memory you will get during the preparation.

Further, you can choose the NCERT geography books. Reading them as a Bible for the geography section would be helpful for you. Make sure you learn all the rivers, maps, passes, mountains, ranges, etc.

Also, there is the art and culture NCERT book of the 11th standard, which is quite essential for the main exam as it will help cover the art and culture of the Madhya Pradesh section.

The sociology NCERT books will provide a clear idea about society and how it is evolving continuously to bring in new changes and equilibrium. Also, you will be able to understand the perspective and explanation about the social factors, especially those issues associated with children, women, caste, class, etc.

Environment and biology books will be helpful because about 8 to 12 questions come from this area. Lastly, there are polity NCERT books. You need to remember them as essay writing exercises for the main examination. It is more of a philosophical knowledge than the factual one.

Choosing the right book when starting with the preparation on time will be helpful for you to prepare well for the examination and get good outcomes. Make sure to look for MPPSC coaching in Madhya Pradesh to get professional support throughout your journey to help attain positive results.


When it comes to the preparation for the MPPSC exam, there are a lot of books that one needs to go through to ensure they are well prepared for the final day. But it is the NCERT books that have got the upper hand due to the information they provide in a clear and precise manner.

If you are planning to start preparing for the examination, you can consider taking coaching from Prayas KSG. They have got expert professionals who will support and guide you properly. They will ensure that you have a proper understanding of the books and the suitable study materials, which will be beneficial to clear the examination with flying colors.