Civil service examinations have become quite common for people who wish to have a secure future. MPPSC and UPSC are two of the primary recruitment agency in the country. The UPSC is the Pioneer recruiting agency for the examination and appointment for group A and B posts. Herein, the recruitment is for all the posts under the central government’s defense service cadre and civil service cadre. In contrast, the MPPSC is a state government examination led by the Madhya Pradesh state. It is responsible for conducting the civil service examination.

Although they both sound similar in reality, things differ between them. UPSC and MPPSC syllabi in 2022 will be a bit similar. However, the difference between the two has been provided clearly in the guide.

Understanding the Difference

UPSC and MPPSC hire the best candidate for the services through personal interviews and tests. While the required qualification for both recruitments is graduation in any of the streams, there are several exam attempts and an age limit for both recruitment bodies. While one can appear for the MPPSC examination until they have reached the upper age limit criteria, UPSC has different criteria for the same.

In the case of UPSC, the general category candidates are eligible to give only six attempts until 32. At the same time, those from the OBC category will get 9 attempts until the age of 35. Finally, there are unlimited attempts for the SC and ST categories until age 37.

Herein the upper limit criteria of UPSC turns out to be 32 years, which is why the aspirants of MPPSC have a long stretch. They can easily apply for the non-uniform post until they are 40. While for the uninformed position, the upper age limit will be 32 years.

Understanding Better about the UPSC Exam

The UPSC examination is conducted for recruiting candidates for the Indian bureaucratic system through the test. Herein the candidates will be selected for various civil services under the Government of India. For instance, it will include IPS, IAS, and much more. There are two screening processes, which would consist of an examination followed by a personal interview.

Before the final selection, a personal interview is conducted to check the knowledge and suitability of the candidate. Herein the total marks allotted for the discussion is 275, while that for the examination will be 1875.

Through the examination, the candidate can get recruitment in the departments like IFS, IAS, IPS, IT, Indian postal service, Indian revenues service, and a lot more. It will be easy for you to find UPSC and MPPSC coaching in Bhopal just remember to find someone trusted so that the preparation goes on well and you have a better chance of clearing the examination.

Understanding the MPPSC Exam

The examination is conducted to hire candidates for the state departments. Through the study, the commission will select the candidates for the job position of the deputy police superintendent, deputy collector, and a lot more. MPPSC examination also has two steps- written examination, followed by the personal interview for the qualification for the mains examination.

The post under the MPPSC examination includes Jina fighter superintendent, State administrative service, deputy collector, cooperative inspector assistant, director of public relations, and more. But when it comes to MPPSC preparation, it is a lot similar to the UPPSC exam pattern. So finding reasonable tuition for the same will be easy for you.

UPSC MPPSC Syllabus 2022

While preparing for the MPPSC examination, the candidate must focus more on the facts associated with the state. For instance, art, history, etc., but this is different in the case of the UPSC examination, as he has to focus on the entire country. Therefore, the candidate must be aware of all the national topics, history, constitution, and other things to clear the examination well.

There is a significant difference between the UPPSC and MPPSC syllabi in 2022. This is why you must search for UPSC and MPPSC coaching in Bhopal to find the one that would be the best for your need. Research here will be beneficial for you in identifying the expert who can help you throughout the preparation step and guarantee you positive results.

Importance of Starting Tuition

The clearance process for both MPPSC and UPSC examinations is quite arduous. Thus, having professional support here will make a significant difference. After all, it would help if you started with preparation and understanding things. You can go ahead with MPPSC preparation one year before the examination, which is different from the UPSC. After all, you have to cover a lot of topics. Therefore, finding reasonable tuition that can provide deep insights into the examination essentials will be helpful.

The UPSC or MPPSC coaching in Bhopal is not just about the preparation. They will also boost your knowledge and confidence so that you can appear for the examination and clear it better. They will offer you the professional support and guidance required to manage things better and understand the essentials before the exam. By focusing on your strength and weaknesses, they will help you succeed.


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